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Our Set Up!

What We Offer

  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras For 4K Video

  • Up to 3 Camera Angles

  • Set Design With Backdrop

  • Full Lighting Control With Aperture Lighting & DTX Tube Lights

  • Post Processing and Editing

  • Sound Design 

  • Custom Intro/Outro Production And Branded VFX

  • Custom Set Pieces Upon Request

  • Up To 4 Podcast Participants 

Benefits Of Video Podcasting

Hey there! Are you thinking about starting a video podcast but not sure if it's the right move for you? Well, let me tell you, there are some great benefits to having a video podcast!

First off, video podcasts allow for a more engaging and interactive experience for your audience. Instead of just listening to your voice, viewers can now see you and any guests, as well as any visual aids or demonstrations that you may have. This can make your content more interesting and memorable for your viewers.

Another benefit is that video podcasts can help to increase your visibility and reach. Having a video podcast can make it easier for people to find and share your content, as videos are more likely to be shared on social media platforms than just audio. And, video podcasts can also be transcribed to reach a wider audience who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Video podcasts also give you the opportunity to showcase your personality and build a personal connection with your audience. People like to see the face behind the voice, and video podcasts allow you to do that in a way that audio podcasts can't. This can help to establish trust and credibility with your audience, and make them more likely to come back for more.

Lastly, video podcasts give you the ability to monetize your content. You can place ads or sponsorships on your video podcast and make money from it. Additionally, you can also create a paid subscription model for exclusive video content or even sell your video podcast as a product.

Overall, video podcasts offer a more engaging and interactive experience for your audience, increase your visibility and reach, allow you to showcase your personality, and give you monetization opportunities. It's definitely worth considering if you're thinking about starting a podcast!

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